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NEW cd!! "Have Slide Will Travel"

NEW CD released, July 2015!! "Have Slide Will Travel" touches on most of the styles of slide guitar that have come to define Robert Hill's sound. He mixes various styles of acoustic and electric Blues with Americana Roots, and manages to throw in shots of Funk and Zydeco as well....and it all works. Hill also breaks new ground on this cd by including an almost 8 minute Cumbia, and throwing in an original slide-inspired Spaghetti Western!
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Buy the NEW cd at CD Baby!
Buy this cd at CD Baby!!

My Corner - 2007

Latest cd, released Oct. 2007, Americana, primarily acoustic, containing three award-winning songs, "My Corner", "Another Chapter", and "Angelina".
This latest release focuses on storytelling- a songwriter's cd.
With Mark Murphy, on upright bass, Art Labriola on keyboards, Jerry Krenach on drums, Joanne Lediger on vocals, Bob Hoffnar on pedal steel, and Jeff Haynes on percussion, this is a topnotch group of players, who do the songs justice.
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Robert Hill Self-titled Debut - 1999

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Contains, "Moses McCord, "Rose City", "Slide On Rye", and many more. Some smoking performances on this one- plug in, crank it up, rinse & repeat.

Tribes Hill Kindred Folk Compilation CD- Vol.1

This is a compilation cd of musicians from the lower Hudson Valley area. Hill's track, "Ozark Passage", is on the compilation.
Tribes Hill is a nonprofit organization uniting musicians of the lower Hudson Valley region and their patrons in support of a music community that aspires to common goals and beliefs. It is a conceptual gathering place for people of all races, politics, and faiths coming together to explore and celebrate the human experience through song.