1. Moses McCord

From the recording Moses McCord


Moses McCord
Robert Hill

Moses McCord was born down in Arkansas
All it said on his stone, was that he died in the war
Most of us didn’t even know what we were fighting for
Till Moses said, “We’d all be picking cotton after the war”


Outnumbered, out-armed, nothing left in our tins
He said, “Any man can fight, but it’s our wits that will make us win”
He said, “Every man dies, but not every man truly lives”
So we went and held them back at the battle of Pea Ridge


Before we knew it, they’d taken Tennessee
But never did we lose faith in General Lee

They didn’t have to do it, they didn’t have to take it all
But they burned everything from Georgia to Arkansas

When they crossed the state line
I knew what we were fighting for
Thinking ‘bout our families as we followed in Moses McCord
I had a wife, a little boy I’d never seen
So when it came down to me and that Yankee, well it had to be him


Moses was buried back in Pine Bluff, Arkansas
All it said on his stone was that he died in the war

c 2006 Wild Animal Ditch
Music (ASCAP)