1. Rose City

From the recording Rose City


Living down by the river
Rose City didn't smell so sweet
Can't afford to work for a living
When opportunity knocks out on the street
They bussed them up with the rich kids
Let them take some of this heat
River rats and aristocrats
Gnawing at each other's feet

Rolling into Rose City
C'mon down and smell the pity
That ain't stolen, it's a loaner
Better nail it down, or it's free

Got a washer in the front yard
A small appliance store scattered out back
Sister cities surgically joined at birth
Separated by the politician's ax
Hubcap Annie on the corner
Nail up a couple in the bedroom suite
Car lots, missing body parts
Out on the porch sits the missing link


Don't get me wrong, it ain't all bad
Cause she was named for a rose, don't you see
And on a clear day, when the wind's just right
You can just smell the hmanity, in


Roll, roll, rollin' into Rose City
(repeat 3X)
Gonna get rolled in Rose City

c 2000 Wild Animal Ditch
Music (ASCAP)