From the recording Workingman's Curse


Get up in the morning
Drag your weary ass to work
No one gave you any warning
About the workingman's curse
You weave home in the evening
feeling like some sawed-off jerk

They chip away at your dignity
Tell me son, now what are you worth
Gonna get a big promotion
Shoveling someone else's dirt
And if you stay in your place, boy
In twenty years you get a watch and a shirt
All the way from stock boy up to clerk
And when you think that it can't get much worseWell the boss says, "Just think of the perks"

What's the use of living if you gotta work
Ain't no company man stuffed inside of this shirt
Ain't got a life, but I got a job
It's just the workingman's curse

High expectations, man, you had a master plan
Now your worst fears realized
You've turning into your old man

Gonna quit tomoroow morning
Gonna punch the boss, and punch the clock
This rat's off the wheel of fortune
Guess my CHristmans bonus is shot
It don't take a kind of Einstein
To know when your soul is in shock
When your life ain't your own it's a crock
Whether it's a job, or all alone with your baby
Man it just don't matter who ends up on top

And when you think it's getting better
Man, it just gets worse