From the recording Written All Over You


Can you sleep at night, does it ever get to you
Traded all your dreams, played it safe now
didn't you
I'm not here to judge, I'm here just to get to you
I see you standing there, but where are you
Out of time, out of reasons
nothing left to prove

It's written all over you
What you say ain't what you do
You'd take it all if it was up to you
It's written all over you

Know just how to say, just what's required of you
Acting so concerned as your dogs lead the way
You're just a workingman, it's just business
so you say
But now the time has come, it's me who's in your way
Out of time, out of reasons
Nothing more to lose


Once there was a time, was a friend of mine
That could look me in the eye, hadn't learned
how to lie, be a fool
But time rearranged the look in your eye
Now what don't you have to hide
Now there's too many of you
Which one to choose